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Easily Pure Shower Conditioner Water Softener Easily Pure Shower Conditioner

NLP Aqua Conditioners provide the best shower water quality in the market. Unlike shower filters, that require replacement every 6-12 months, this conditioner provides water softener quality with no moving parts, no chemicals, and no maintenance.

Benefits of using NLP Aqua Shower Conditioner:

  • Softer and wetter water to shower with
  • Less shampoo, conditioner, body wash & soap is used – saving you money!
  • Skin will feel great and won’t itch
  • Softer healthier hair
  • No scaling issues with your shower head
  • Glass shower doors will look cleaner and any recurring spots are easily wiped away!
  • No more scrubbing to get the scaly film off shower components
  • No more fuzzy hair problems!

List Price: $279.00
Our Price: $229.00
Sale Price: $199.00
Savings: $80.00