NLP Aqua Solutions

Our Passion is Pure!

We have passion for providing advanced clean water solutions to consumers and custom solutions for all industrial and manufacturing sectors. For industrial clients, NLP Aqua Solutions' technology is designed to condition water which mitigates the risk of adverse outcomes from biofilm and water hardness. Our technologies deters mitigates microbial growth thus creating a continuous sanitizing system. 

In addition to filtration regiments, NLP Aqua Solutions conditioned water technology enhances the efficacy of sanitizers and increases ORP to sustainable levels which exceeds the organizational water quality goals. NLP technology is flexible, scalable, and extendible from industrial large enterprise installations to point‐of‐use residential units while meeting the highest water certification measures.

We have had success with our customized solutions in the following industries:

Agriculture : Both Plant Growth and Livestock Water Quality

Aquaculture : Both Salt and Fresh Water Fish Farms

Health Care : Patient Water Stations, Sterilization Processing and Cooling Towers 

Industrial : Beverage & Manufacturing Industries

Municipalities and Schools Lead Protection at Point of Use

Consumer Products for Home, Drinking Water, Pool and Shower Water Conditioning

NLP Aqua Solutions are green technologies that require no power; reduces chemical usage; reduces carbon footprint; and provides significant energy savings.

We introduced our site to allow ease of purchase for our consumer products via a self-service, mobile friendly experience. 

For more information about our industry solutions please visit our Corporate Informational site at .